Project Management

At Evolve Linguistics, we believe a successful project lies in the hands of the dedicated project manager. We understand effective project management is of the utmost importance in order to deliver high quality materials within budget for every project. A dedicated project manager is assigned to act as your personal consultant until the project is completed to your satisfaction. Our project managers work closely with our clients to understand each requirement expected and to create a process specific to your demands. Our management team’s main objective is to ensure your unique requirements are met while maximizing the efficiency of your project’s production. We employ project managers with extensive production experience to ensure project efficiency from start to finish regardless of complexities involved. Project managers are responsible for a number of tasks during the production including: sourcing, planning, project development, issue resolution, data tracking, budgeting, status reporting, delivery and post-production requests. Our project management team is committed to building strong working relationships with our clients through direct communication and quality service.

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